Quarry Tile Cleaning – Episode 11 Mike Talk’s Quarry Tile Cleaning

Quarry Tile Cleaning – Today i discuss how to clean quarry tiles and quarry tile cleaning

Quarry Tile Restoration

Quarry Tile Restoration

Today’s post is a quick movie of one of the recent quarry tile restoration projects undertaken using Stonecareuk products.

It’s always a wonderful experience when you unearth a hidden gem of a stone floor, unseen for decades, just waiting for someone to discover and for them to make the decision to lovingly and carefully restore it, to it’s former glory.

The Challenge was to revitalise a Victorian quarry tiled floor which has been covered by carpeting for the last few decades.

As you can imagine there were all kinds of challenges, including; glue residues, carpet gripper rods stuck to the floor, tiles missing and of course tiles discoloration.

Preparation is always important with any tile restoration programme and the first job was to protect all neighbouring walls, doors & surrounding areas.

The cleaning process commenced by firstly using Wax & Residue Remover to break down the glue, surface residues and any previous surface treatments.  As you’ll see, the process cleaned the quarry tiles to an excellent standard.

The whole of the tiled area was rinsed cleaned and neutralized using Natural Stone Cleaner in readiness for sealing.

Once the quarry tiles had completely dried the complete area was professionally and carefully sealed with three thinly coated applications of Natural Stone Sealer allowing adequate drying time between each coat.

Natural Stone Sealer was applied to ensure the stone received a deep protection.  This also acted as an excellent base coat for Natural Stone Gloss (the client requested a high shine) which is the treatment used to create a beautiful hi-gloss finish.

Once the base coats of Natural Stone Sealer were completely dry this was followed by applying three thin coats of Natural Stone Gloss.

The quarry tiles were allowed to totally dry for 24 hours and the process was completed by burnished with our ultra high speed machine, as you can see this gave instant and amazing results.



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