How to clean and seal limestone and terracotta – Episode 28

click here to watch Episode 28 of Stonecare.TV where Mike discusses limestone and terracotta. This video is about How to clean and seal limestone and terracotta – Episode 28 – cleaning and sealing limestone

Marble Polishing Tunisia

BP Colour looking right White 2 Background It’s always important to not get trapped in our own little cocoon of business.  Sometimes you’ve just got to get away and recharge the batteries.

So Chris and I decided to take a break form work in an effort to find some sun and relaxation.  Tunisia was the   chosen place, I hadn’t been there before but Chris had during here days (34 years) working for Thomson    Holidays

Imagine my shock when we first walk into the hotel and there’s a team of guys polishing the marble floors.  Well, that was it, much to Chris’s frustration I was back in work mode!  It’s not often you get this kind of opportunity, I just had to find out exactly how they were restoring the floors, what equipment and products they were using

Here’s my report below :o )


How to choose a tile fixer ? – Episode 27

Hi folks 

Today i had the privilege of interviewing one of the UK’s best tile and stone fixers Dean Falmer.  Dean has over 29 years of experience in tiling and has worked as part of the city & guilds examination board and spent many years at south Birmingham collage teaching.

For anybody out there wanting to chose the right tile fixer Dean has some great tips !

Mike Interviews Geometric Tile Expert Phil Hobson – Episode 26

Check out the latest episode of where i’m privileged to have interviewed one of the UK’s most respected tile fixers. Phil Hobson from is a geometric tiling expert and is one of only a number of people in the country to be CSCS heritage card accredited. but most of all a great guy who is massively passionate about his work – thanks Phil

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Marble Floor Polishing With Dogs – Episode 25

Whats the best stone for your bathroom – Episode 24

Hi Folks another simple and straight to the point video i made today after visiting one of my clients homes ! – she was quite simply sold the wrong stone for her environment – this happens all the time and hopefully little videos like this will make the right decision for your home or business – enjoy 🙂 

Welcome to the family

Hi All,

Let me introduce my crazy american friend and colleague Dana Kothrode the inventor of the Cheetah Pucks.

This video has been specially made for all the guys and girls who are now in the cheetah Puck family.

Also if your not already a member of our online members are “The Stonecare Inner circle” click on the link below to discover more after watching the video

enjoy Dana !!!

Natural Stone Around Swimming Pools ! – Episode 23

Should Porcelain Be Sealed ? – Episode 22

Click here to see the best porcelain tile sealer -

Travertine floor cleaning – Episode 21

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